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Celebrating Apollo 11

The always terrific has come up with a fitting tribute to the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission

Inspired by the ApolloPlus40 Twitter account and We Choose the Moon, both of which are tracking the Apollo 11 mission as it happened 40 years ago, I’ve built a page where you can watch the CBS News coverage of Walter Cronkite reporting on the Moon landing and the first moon walk, 40 years to the second after it originally happened.


Here’s the one-time-only schedule (all times local/CDT)…

  • Moon landing broadcast start: 3:10:30 pm on July 20
  • Moon landing shown: 3:17:40 pm
  • Moon landing broadcast end: 3:20:15 pm
  • Moon walk broadcast start: 9:51:27 pm
  • First step on Moon: 9:56:15 pm
  • Nixon speaks to the Eagle crew: approx 10:51:30 pm
  • Moon walk broadcast end: 11:00:30 pm

Of course, a celebration of anything this huge wouldn’t be complete without including the unique perspective of The Onion. (NSFW)