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I learned a new non-word today…

That word is: clbuttic.

Found this today on The Daily WTF (i.e. “Worse Than Failure” – a site for geeks to post “strange but true” programming stories)…

The Clbuttic Mistake

Browsing through a web archive of some old computer club conversations, I ran across this sentence:

“Apple made the clbuttic mistake of forcing out their visionary – I mean, look at what NeXT has been up to!”

Hmm. “clbuttic”.

Google “clbuttic” – thousands of hits!

There’s someone who call his car ‘clbuttic’.

There are “Clbuttic Steam Engine” message boards.

Webster’s dictionary – no help.

Hmm. What can this be?

HINT: People who make buttumptions about their regex scripts, will be embarbutted when they repeat this mbuttive mistake.

Took me a while to figure out just what “clbuttic” means, but I finally did.

Read more for the answer…
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Sunday Sites –

Netvibes has earned a place on the list of tabs auto-loaded every time I open my browser. With Netvibes, I can satisfy my craving for daily info by organizing the sites I read regularly (currently a few more than fifty) into tabbed pages of RSS subscription feeds.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a standard way for Websites to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries, news headlines, or podcasts. An RSS reader like the one in Netvibes can display the content published on any number of sites without having to actually browse to each and every site. Even if I get lazy, uh busy and manage to fall a few days behind, RSS makes it easy to wade through what would otherwise be information overload.

If you’re not already reading this blog entry in Netvibes, I recommend you try it and see for yourself.

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50 Reasons Lord of the Rings Sucks has a hilarious list of the 50 Reasons Lord of the Rings Sucks (referring to the movies).

A few selected favorites…

  • Speaking of Orcs… The Orcs were obviously stolen from PC game maker Blizzard and its Warcraft series. Too bad Blizzard is apparently too scared to sue New Line over it.
  • Homage or theft? The “happy village of little people” idea was stolen from Willow.
  • Homage or theft II? The wise old wizard character was stolen from Harry Potter.
  • What’s that smell? As bad as the Lucasfilm internet leaks were with the last Star Wars trilogy, the filmmakers of Lord of the Rings allowed the paperback novelizations onto shelves years in advance. As if we needed any less of a reason to go see it.

However funny the list itself is, that’s not really the point of this post. What’s really interesting is the number of people who were moved to leave a comment ripping the article as if it were a serious criticism of the movies.

Now I’m sure that more than a few of the comments are from trolls just trying to stir things up, but I’m also sure that some moron well intentioned (but sarcastically challenged) individual somewhere feels that they struck a blow against the evil forces of sloppy journalism.

Things like this make me question whether there’s any intelligent life on this planet. ;-)

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Calling All Champions!

Champions Online is the superhero MMO that Cryptic Studios is doing instead of Marvel Universe Online.

Champions Online

And based on everything I’ve read so far, I couldn’t be happier. Highlights include…

  • Hi-Octane Excitement: No more boring auto attacks and lengthy recharge times. Champions Online combat is instantaneous — and electrifying!
  • Total customization: Choose from hundreds of different costume pieces, colors and body types to create your character’s one-of-a-kind costume and look.
  • Keep your enemies close: Every hero must have an archenemy. Design your character’s supreme adversary, choosing a name, powers and costume for a superpowered foe to bedevil your hero throughout his or her career.
  • Endless exploration: The battle against evil rages across the world into outer space and alternate dimensions.
  • Make your mark: The story of Champions Online is constantly changing, continually evolving. Villains are defeated. Heroes rise and fall. Cities transform. Your actions may decide the future!

The trailer doesn’t show a whole lot so far, but I am kinda digging the pseudo-cell shading effect…

Marvel who? ;-)

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Sunday Sites – has been on my list of (almost) daily blog reading for quite a while now.

It satisfies my technology jones, but also manages to spill over into other areas of life, the universe, and everything. From their About page…

What does the word “lifehacker” mean?

Here a “hack” is a clever shortcut or a lesser-known, faster way to get something done. A hacker believes that information-sharing is a powerful positive good, and that it is a hacker’s duty to share her expertise—so we will. The “life” part comes in because while the hacks you’ll find here will focus mostly on technology—like how to automatically back up your hard drive, they’ll also extend to things like how to re-purpose a shoe-holder to organize your gadgets or build an air conditioner for under 30 bucks.

Lots of interesting stuff to be found here.

In fact sometimes the sheer amount of information published each day can be overwhelming, so Lifehacker even provides a detailed explanation of how to subscribe only to the topic(s) that interest you. If you’re like me, that might include Windows downloads and tips, but not Apple or Linux so much.

Check it out.

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Marvel Universe Offline

After months of rumors, Microsoft has finally confirmed the cancellation of the Marvel Universe Online MMO…

“If you really look at the data there’s basically one [MMO] that’s successful and everything else wouldn’t meet our level or definition of commercial success,” he said. “And then you have to look [and say]: ‘Can we change the business model for that? Is that really viable given how far we are in development? And so forth. Does Marvel want to do that?’ There’s a whole bunch of factors [in canceling the game].”

So basically, they were intimidated by World of Warcraft and didn’t feel that they would be able to replicate its success (or profits). And they’re probably right.

I just wish they weren’t so short-sighted. Trying to buy WoW-like success is definitely not a winning strategy, but innovative (and fun, of course) gameplay alongside superhero legends like Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, and the rest of the Marvel line-up would draw a dedicated (possibly rabid) subscriber base and make a decent amount of cash for Marvel and company.

Hopefully, the DC MMO will come to a more satisfying finale.

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Sunday Sites –

I neglected to post a Sunday site last week and considered listing two today, but I decided not to so that I wouldn’t detract from a terrific site… is a glimpse into the life of blogger and stay-at-home-mom Heather B. Armstrong. A very honest glimpse. In her words…

This website chronicles my life from a time when I was single and making a lot of money as a web designer in Los Angeles, to when I was dating the man who would become my husband, to when I lost my job and lived life as an unemployed drunk, to when I married my husband and moved to Utah, to when I became pregnant, to when I threw up and became unbearably swollen during the pregnancy, to the birth, to the aftermath, to the postpartum depression that landed me in a mental hospital. IÂ’m better now.

See what I mean?

In addition to her exceptional writing, Heather is also one of the best amateur photographers on the Web. In fact, is currently nominated for no less than five Weblog Awards (“bloggies”), including Best American Weblog and Best Photography of a Weblog.

I highly recommend you put on your list of daily visits.