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News overload in the past day or two…

It’s a good time to be a geek! :-D

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Win a dinner with Kaylee!! (…and some dude)

Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite and a number of other actors are auctioning off dinner dates on eBay to fund cancer treatments for a fellow actor named Babz Chula (which explains the sign Jewel is holding in the photo above)…

The winning bidder will receive a free dinner with Paul McGillian and Jewel Staite at a pre-selected restaurant in Vancouver, BC at a mutually agreeable date to be determined by both parties in between May 1, 2008 and December 1, 2009.

As any red-blooded sci-fi geek is aware, Jewel played the role of the adorable Kaylee in the Firefly TV series and the follow-up movie Serenity. She is currently appearing in Stargate Atlantis on the Sci-Fi Channel.

The auction runs through April 12th and is currently at $1,500 (Canadian). Other dinner dates include David Duchovny and Chris Carter from the X-Files, as well as other actors that you might (or might not) recognize.

So, anyone have a couple grand and a ticket to Vancouver to spare? ;-)

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50 Reasons Lord of the Rings Sucks has a hilarious list of the 50 Reasons Lord of the Rings Sucks (referring to the movies).

A few selected favorites…

  • Speaking of Orcs… The Orcs were obviously stolen from PC game maker Blizzard and its Warcraft series. Too bad Blizzard is apparently too scared to sue New Line over it.
  • Homage or theft? The “happy village of little people” idea was stolen from Willow.
  • Homage or theft II? The wise old wizard character was stolen from Harry Potter.
  • What’s that smell? As bad as the Lucasfilm internet leaks were with the last Star Wars trilogy, the filmmakers of Lord of the Rings allowed the paperback novelizations onto shelves years in advance. As if we needed any less of a reason to go see it.

However funny the list itself is, that’s not really the point of this post. What’s really interesting is the number of people who were moved to leave a comment ripping the article as if it were a serious criticism of the movies.

Now I’m sure that more than a few of the comments are from trolls just trying to stir things up, but I’m also sure that some moron well intentioned (but sarcastically challenged) individual somewhere feels that they struck a blow against the evil forces of sloppy journalism.

Things like this make me question whether there’s any intelligent life on this planet. ;-)

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The Scariest Thing About Cloverfield…

Odette YustmanI just uncovered an extremely disturbing fact while browsing for additional Cloverfield information on IMDB

The gorgeous young actress pictured here is named Odette Yustman. She plays Beth, the love interest of the lead character in the movie, but she’s definitely not a newcomer to show business. In fact, Odette got her start in movies as one of the kids in the class of Kindergarten Cop.

I am getting so old. :-(

UPDATE: If you’ve arrived here via Google, don’t miss my other Cloverfield entry, which discusses the secret message at the end of the movie.

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Saw Cloverfield last night… I liked it a lot, although I think lots of people probably won’t.

It’s like Godzilla + Alien + The Blair Witch Project. And it’s that last part that’s going to be a problem for a lot of people. The movie is about a giant monster attack on New York City, but it’s shot entirely from the point of view of the people on the street via a hand-held video camera, with all the shakiness and lack of focus that entails.


Knowledgeable fans might want to stay for one of those “You’re still here?” moments at the end of the credits, when a garbled radio transmission can be heard. Unfortunately, it was so garbled that no one in the theater could understand it.

In this interview, director Matt Reeves discusses the movie including the secret message at the end, although he won’t divulge what exactly it is.


After a little Googling, I found someone who claims to have recorded the audio and reversed it, resulting in the following message…

So, what do you think?

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Meet Wall-E, the Star of Pixar’s Next Movie…

Yahoo Movies has the trailer for the next movie from Pixar, makers of such classics as Cars, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Toy Story, and my personal favorite Monsters, Inc.

WALL-E is the story about the last robot left behind after mankind has abandoned Earth. After 700 years of doing what he was built for – he’ll discover what he’s meant for.


Supposedly, the movie is going to have little to no spoken dialogue. Says director Andrew Stanton: “I’m basically making R2-D2: The Movie.” That sounds a little dicey, but Pixar has definitely earned the benefit of the doubt from me.

Check out the new Wall-E trailer, as well as the official site. Also, check out the faux corporate site for Buy n Large, makers of the Wall-E robot line.

Wall-E is scheduled to hit theaters June 27th, 2008.