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Batman Gets Treated to Burger King

Most of the blogs that I check regularly are topic-oriented: technology, games, or entertainment mostly. But there is one written by a guy called moreanonymous that’s very much a slice-of-life. He had an entry a few days ago titled “Batman Gets Treated to Burger King” that I really enjoyed, and I hope you will also…

He had been using his best behavior all morning. He ate his breakfast quietly at the table; usually he refuses to eat anything. He brushed his teeth and used the potty. Then put his pajamas into the hamper before changing into his Batman clothes. He started with jeans and then added a black turtleneck, followed by a cape and gloves. He needed help to get his mask on, but he asked very nicely. Then he spent the rest of the morning sitting at his desk drawing pictures of himself. He was being so damn precious that I decided to treat him to lunch at Burger King.

Too adorable!

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Behind the… Tornado ?!?

Just a quick note… I was watching the Discovery Channel last night (as I usually do when there’s nothing else on), and happened upon an interesting show called “Most Deadly.” In 18 hours, Tornado Alley experienced the worst tornado outbreak in history (148 of them!!). One small town, Xenia, Ohio, was almost erased from the map by an F5, the strongest tornado ever clocked.

As interesting as that is on its own merits, it’s not the reason for this blog entry. The voice-over narrator for the show sounded extremely familiar, but it took me a minute or two to figure out who it was… His name is Jim Forbes. Don’t worry… I didn’t know the name either. But anyone who’s ever watched VH-1’s “Behind the Music” will recognize Forbes’ distinctive voice. And that was the voice that was describing the terrible results of these killer tornadoes. Throughout the whole rest of the show, I was half-expecting him to describe the bass player’s descent into drug addiction and depression, instead of the devastation resulting from Mother Nature’s fury. The disconnect between my expectations and reality was a little strange.

Usually is. ;-)

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Starcraft 2?

StarcraftAccording to this article on, an executive from Blizzard Entertainment hinted that a sequel to the smash hit Starcraft might be in the works.

“As a Starcraft player I can tell you that I hope it wouldn’t go a decade – we launched Starcraft in ’98 – I hope it wouldn’t go a decade before we stand here and celebrate the next Starcraft together.”

I’m not a very good RTS player, but I’ll be very interested to see what the almighty Blizzard might do with another Starcraft. We’ll see…

On a totally unrelated note, I apologize for not blogging more often… I’ve been neglecting to pass on the interesting stuff that I find day to day, but I’ll try to change that. Thanks much!

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Red Zone Wrap-Up (2006 Season Final)

Springfield Bullhawks LogoHappy New Year! Especially happy right now are the Springfield Bullhawks (#1 seed) who are the 2006 ESPN Fantasy Football Red Zone League Champions, after defeating the Houston Inferno (#3 seed) by an ever-so-close score of 192-191. LaDainian Tomlinson had only 7 points for the ‘Hawks this week, but Steven Jackson made up the difference with a 43 point performance. However, the difference in the game was not points scored, but in missing points. Inferno RB Ron Dayne aggravated an ankle injury during pre-game warmups Sunday and did not play, resulting in a crushing 0 for the Inferno. Despite that, this was a terrific game between the two best teams in the league this year. Congratulations to Alan and Jeff for a great season!

Third place goes to my Spooky Boogeymen (#4 seed) with a 186-162 win over the P’burg PrairiePride (#2 seed). Despite a 5 point lead in this week’s match-up, the ‘Pride were unable to overcome the 29 point lead resulting from last week’s game. Congratulations to Bob (and me!) on a great season.

The Kentucky Mad Max (#7 seed), last season’s league champs, won fifth place this year with a 150-113 defeat of the Shelbyville Outkasts (#5 seed). Congratulations to Bret and Jack for a great season!

The Peoria OrangeCrush (#9 seed) crushed the Batavia Bulldogs (#6 seed) by a score of 210-116 for seventh place in the league. Congratulations to Charlie and Mike on a great season!

The Foreign Bodies (#10 seed) rallied this week to come back and beat the Petersburg PowerPuff Girls (#8 seed) by a total score of 169-136. So, the ‘Puffs will (probably) receive the coveted first pick in next year’s draft. Congratulations to Ben and Elizabeth on a great season!

So, here are the final winners for the Red Zone 2006…

We’re Going to Disney World Award 1st Place Springfield Bullhawks
The First Loser Award 2nd Place Houston Inferno
There’s Always Next Year Award 3rd Place Spooky Boogeymen
The Break Even Award 4th Place P’burg PrairiePride
Teamwork Award Highest team game score Springfield Bullhawks (157 points in Week 10)
Top Gun Award Highest player game score Foreign Bodies (51 points for RB Tiki Barber in Week 17)
Smackdown Award Highest team win margin Peoria OrangeCrush (81 point win in Week 16)

And finally now that it’s all over with, I’ll try to get back to a more regular blogging schedule about life, the universe, and everything (except for fantasy football ;-)).