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Have a safe glass of water, and then go play catch in the yard from your armchair

Light DelightLike me, I’m sure that you’re often curious just how hot that tap water is coming out of your faucet, but don’t want to suffer a third-degree burn or two finding out. Fret no more… The Light Delight tap changes color based on water temperature. And as an added bonus you can browse the rest of the site, which uses partial nudity to sell water taps and radiators. Those crazy Italians!

Digital Speed Sensing BaseballThe Digital Speed Sensing Baseball let’s former and wanna-be jocks like me find out just what kind of stuff we can still bring. Simply enter the distance and its speed-sensing technology registers the ball’s speed immediately upon impact. Only works up to 100mph, so Nolan Ryan need not apply.

The Famous Lawn ArmchairAnd finally, for the person that has everything… And who would still prefer to hang out on their lawn. The Famous Grass Armchair is fun, functional and most certainly a talking point. Constructed from a strong cardboard template, you simply fill it with soil (not supplied), sow with grass seed (supplied) and watch it grow. Now I just need the tree stump in my back yard to get cable, and I’d be all set.