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Red Zone Wrap-Up (Week 3)

FFL Week 3FFL week 3 is history.

The Shelbyville Outkasts (2-1) kept the Batavia Bulldogs winless with a 99-75 victory. Brian Westbrook made the difference for the Outkasts with a huge 36 point game.

The Houston Inferno remain undefeated this week with a 92-82 victory over the winless Petersburg PowerPuff Girls. Donovan McNabb’s number one FFL quarterback ranking helped the Inferno stay on top.

The Foreign Bodies won their first game 88-58 against the Peoria OrangeCrush, who are also now 1-2. Unfortunately only one player scored in double-digits for the OrangeCrush this week.

The Kentucky Mad Max (2-1) knocked off the P’burg PrairiePride (1-2) despite leaving 53 points sitting on the bench. The Mad Max won the game 83-54.

And finally, the game of the week… My Spooky Boogeymen remained unbeaten this week with a massive one-point victory 77-76 over the Springfield Bullhawks (2-1). To be perfectly honest, I’m not really sure how I won because our game was tied at the end of the Monday Night’s game. Somehow the Bullhawks lost a point overnight. I would suggest that Alan of the Bullhawks complain to the League Commissioner, but Alan is the League Commissioner. ;-)

I paid dearly for the win however, with significant injuries to Shaun Alexander and Donte Stallworth. And now there are reports that Terrell Owens was brought into the emergency room last night “after suffering an adverse reaction to painkillers taken for treatment of his fractured hand”. %#$*^! I’m sure knowing my luck that there’s more to the story. Have I mentioned that I SO should’ve kept Donovan McNabb from last year’s team instead of T.O.? :|

See ya next week…