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Red Zone Wrap-Up (Week 4)

Once again the Houston Inferno burned up the fantasy turf this week with a 125-87 win over the Springfield Bullhawks. Donovan McNabb put up 41 points to lead the way for the undefeated Inferno. (Proving again what a dumbass I am for not naming him as one of my keepers from last season.)

My Spooky Boogeymen also managed to remain undefeated with a narrow 92-88 victory of the Kentucky Mad Max. This game was what fantasy football is all about… Our game was tied late in the day on Sunday. Mad Max had Clinton Portis still playing in an overtime game, while I had Mark Bulger driving down the field in a close game of his own. Unfortunately for Mad Max and Portis, the OT game was decided on a long pass completion to Santana Moss robbing Portis of potential yardage and points. Fortunately for me, the Rams drove all the way down to the 5 yard line and then elected to have Bulger throw on 3rd and goal for the go-ahead touchdown with 1:56 left to play. If they chose to hand-off instead, I would have lost.

The P’burg PrairiePride evened their record with a 88-66 win over the Peoria OrangeCrush. Strong games from the both running backs allowed the PrairiePride to overcome a weak performance by starting QB Matt Hasselbeck.

The Batavia Bulldogs broke their winless streak with a close 78-74 defeat of the Foreign Bodies. The Bulldogs pulled out the win despite having three players on the bench with Byes this week.

And finally, the Shelbyville Outkasts improve their record to 3-1 by beating up on the winless Petersburg PowerPuff Girls 68-40. Unfortunately for the PowerPuffs, 63 points were left on the bench this week.

Here are the current standings after 4 weeks…

Houston Inferno (4-0)
Spooky Boogeymen (4-0)
Shelbyville Outkasts (3-1)
Springfield Bullhawks (2-2)
Batavia Bulldogs (1-3)
Kentucky Mad Max (2-2)
P’burg PrairiePride (2-2)
Foreign Bodies (1-3)
Peoria OrangeCrush (1-3)
Petersburg PowerPuff Girls (0-4)

Next week, we have a battle of the undefeateds to look forward to… My Spooky Boogeymen take on the powerhouse that is the Houston Inferno. :-)