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Red Zone Wrap-Up (Week 6)

Da BearsWeek 6 is history, as is the offensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals after the Cards blew a 20-point second half lead to Da Bears Monday night. More on that game later…

The Petersburg PowerPuff Girls (2-4) blew up this week with a 126 point performance, beating the P’burg PrairiePride (2-4) who had a respectable 91 points of their own. Six of the nine PowerPuff starters had double-digit days, not to mention the 60 points that stayed on the bench this week. The Puffs have won two in a row and go into next week with lots of momentum.

The Springfield Bullhawks (4-2) knocked off the Foreign Bodies (1-5) with a 107-91 victory. Da Defense of Da Bears saved the Bullhawks Monday night with a 22 point performance, making up for the -7 points posted by the Bears’ Rex Grossman. It’s unfortunate (for them) that two teams put up 91 points this week, and both teams lost.

The Houston Inferno (6-0) were tested this week by the Kentucky Mad Max (2-4) but continued their winning ways with a four point 88-84 victory. Although the Max had more consistent scoring, Torry Holt’s 36 point game for the Inferno was too much to overcome.

My Spooky Boogeymen (5-1) barely outlasted the Shelbyville Outkasts (3-3) in an 80-77 win, again due indirectly to the domination of the Bears D in the second half of Monday night’s game. Coming in to Monday night I had a six or maybe seven point lead, but the Outkasts had Edgerrin James of the Cardinals yet to play. The way the Cardinals were playing early in the game, I assumed it would just be a matter of time before Edge scored or broke a long run for big points. Brian Urlacker and the rest of the Bears defense took over the game in the second half, but it still got down to just a single point difference in our game, at least until Brian Urlacker ripped the ball out of Edgerrin’s arms for a fumble that the Bears returned for a touchdown. The fumble reduced James’ point total and cemented the win for me and the Boogeymen. Whew.

And finally, we finish with a game that had absolutely nothing to do with the Bears. ;-) The Peoria OrangeCrush (2-4) defeated the Batavia Bulldogs (3-3) 75-58. Both teams featured three starters in double-digits, but each of the Bulldogs’ big three outscored their OrangeCrush counterparts by 5-10 points.