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Red Zone Wrap-Up (Week 10)

The Houston Inferno (9-1) returned to their winning ways with a 80-75 victory over the Peoria OrangeCrush (3-7). Somehow the Inferno managed to pull out the win despite having one less player in double-digits than the ‘Crush. I believe this win officially brings the magic number to “0” and puts the Inferno into the playoffs.

The Springfield Bullhawks (7-3) ran up the score 157-83 against the Petersburg PowerPuff Girls (3-7) this week. The ‘Hawks have now won three in a row, but I personally think they are peaking too soon, and will be pummeled in the playoffs. ;-)

The Batavia Bulldogs (4-6) picked this week to discover some offense and handed my Spooky Boogeymen (6-4) a 95-64 defeat. Willie Parker and Donald Driver had huge games for the ‘Dogs.

The Shelbyville Outkasts (5-5) knocked off the P’burg PrariePride (5-5) by a score of 76-45. Eli Manning let down the ‘Pride with a -2 total this week.

The Foreign Bodies (3-7) took advantage of a weak outing by the Kentucky Mad Max (5-5) with a 96-57 win. The difference was Chad Johnson’s 46 points, which the Max left on the bench after a disappointing performance last week.