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Red Zone Wrap-Up (Week 11)

The Houston Inferno (9-2) dropped their second game of the season, losing to the Batavia Bulldogs (5-6) by a score of 47-55. The Inferno managed to leave 82 points on the bench, including the week’s leading scorer Lee Evans (46 points). Unfortunately, the Inferno also lost Donovan McNabb, the league’s top-ranked quarterback, for the rest of the season due to injury. Sorry Jeff…

The Springfield Bullhawks (8-3) extended their win streak to four games with a 125-107 victory of the Kentucky Mad Max (5-6). The Bullhawks’ success can be summarized easily in just two letters… L.T. The Bullhawks’ last loss came four weeks ago, which was the last time LaDainian Tomlinson scored less than 40 points. Here’s hoping that the Chargers give L.T. plenty of time to rest during the last few weeks of the season… ;-)

The Petersburg PowerPuff Girls (4-7) outlasted my Spooky Boogeymen (6-5) for a 63-59 win. ESPN screwed me two weeks in a row… Last week, Mike Bell was benched with little or no mention from ESPN prior to gametime. Result: zero points. This week, ESPN still had Bell listed as Out. Result: 22 points sitting on my bench. Frakkers!

The Shelbyville Outkasts (6-5) knocked off the Peoria OrangeCrush (3-8) by a 84-69 score. Drew Brees and Jamal Lewis had big days for the Outkasts, who have now won three games in-a-row and are making a late run for the play-offs.

The Foreign Bodies (4-7) won a 92-71 victory over the P’burg PrairiePride (5-6). The Bodies had five players in double-digits for the win.

Here are the updated standings after 11 weeks…

Houston Inferno (9-2)
Springfield Bullhawks (8-3)
Spooky Boogeymen (6-5)
Shelbyville Outkasts (6-5)
Batavia Bulldogs (5-6)
Kentucky Mad Max (5-6)
P’burg PrairiePride (5-6)
Petersburg PowerPuff Girls (4-7)
Foreign Bodies (4-7)
Peoria OrangeCrush (3-8)

Two more weeks, and then we start the playoffs! Good luck everyone. (Except Alan, of course.)