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Red Zone Wrap-Up (Week 12)

The Houston Inferno (10-2) earned their tenth win defeating the Petersburg PowerPuff Girls (4-8) by a score of 118-52. The Inferno got 31 points from the Ravens D and 43 points from superstar quarterback Tony Romo. (Donovan McWho? ;-))

I am seriously considering changing the name of my team from the Spooky Boogeymen to the Sucky Boogeymen… I was resoundingly whupped by the Springfield Bullhawks (9-3) by a score of 79-119. Three 0’s didn’t help the cause at all. With three losses in a row and one more week in the regular season, it will take a minor miracle to get into the playoffs.

The Shelbyville Outkasts (7-5) picked up their fourth win in a row beating the Batavia Bulldogs (5-7) 97-83. QB Drew Brees led the way with 30 points. The Outkasts hold their playoff fate in their own hands… A win next week against the PowerPuff Girls gets the Outkasts into the playoffs as a wild-card team.

The P’burg PrairiePride (6-6) snatched victory from the jaws of, uh, a 87-87 tie with the Kentucky Mad Max (5-7). The PrairiePride got the win by way of tiebreaker… The ‘Pride’s bench outscored the Max bench 46 to 43. Next week will decide whether the PrairiePride or the Mad Max come out on top of the Long Division.

The Peoria OrangeCrush (4-8) knocked off the Foreign Bodies (4-8) by a 74-67 score. With the victory, the OrangeCrush have tied the Bodies and the PowerPuff Girls for next season’s #1 draft seed (i.e. last place in the league).