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Red Zone Wrap-Up (Playoffs Round 1/2)

This week was the first half of the Red Zone playoff round 1. The Springfield Bullhawks (#1 seed) took an early 107-66 lead over my Sucky, uh, Spooky Boogeymen (#4 seed). The running backs scored big for the ‘Hawks as LaDainian Tomlinson and former Boogeyman Steven Jackson earned 29 and 25 points respectively. Yeah, that was a good trade. :|

In the other half of the Champions Bracket, the Houston Inferno (#3 seed) are on top of the P’burg PrairiePride (#2 seed) with a 103-77 score. The Inferno got double-digit scoring from six of their players.

The Shelbyville Outkasts (#5 seed) are ahead of the Batavia Bulldogs (#6 seed) 121-91. Drew Brees had a record-setting week for the Outkasts with a 50 point score. Theoretically speaking, if there were money awarded to the team with the leading single game scorer, I’d say that the Outkasts would be in good shape. So far, anyway… ;-)

In the only close game this week, the Kentucky Mad Max (#7 seed) hold a slight two-point lead over the Petersburg PowerPuff Girls (#8 seed) with a 94-92 score. Even the bench scoring was close so far in this game with a 55-51 edge to the ‘Puffs.

And finally, in the effort to avoid the league cellar, the Peoria OrangeCrush (#9 seed) hold the lead over the Foreign Bodies (#10 seed) 96-66. Rookie running back Maurice Jones-Drew lead the way with 38 points for the ‘Crush.

p.s. Sorry for the late post… Busy week. :-P