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Red Zone Wrap-Up (Playoffs Round 1 1/2)

Only one more week to go… The Springfield Bullhawks (#1 seed) have taken a narrow early 104-99 lead over the Houston Inferno (#3 seed). LaDainian Tomlinson had an off week (only 14 points) for the ‘Hawks, but Steven Jackson picked up the slack with a 39 point performance. Will the Inferno come back with one more big week, or will LT lead the ‘Hawks to a league championship?

My Spooky Boogeymen (#4 seed) are leading the P’burg PrairiePride (#2 seed) by a score of 101-72. Both teams left big time points on the bench this week… 65 for me and 87 for the ‘Pride.

The Kentucky Mad Max (#7 seed) took a 78-67 lead this week over the Shelbyville Outkasts (#5 seed). Ladell Betts’ 26 point performance made the difference for the Max despite five double-digit scorers on the Outkasts.

Peoria OrangeCrush (#9 seed) had a big week and built a nearly unsurmountable lead over the Batavia Bulldogs (#6 seed) with a 132-51 score. I have a feeling the ‘Dogs got distracted by the holidays and neglected to update their lineup, with two players listed as “Out” and four total zeros.

The Petersburg PowerPuff Girls (#8 seed) took a narrow lead over the Foreign Bodies (#10 seed) with a 67-62 score. Although the Bodies left 53 points on the bench, they only need to deal with a five-point deficit next week.

Good luck to everyone next week… Especially Jeff! ;-)