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Behind the… Tornado ?!?

Just a quick note… I was watching the Discovery Channel last night (as I usually do when there’s nothing else on), and happened upon an interesting show called “Most Deadly.” In 18 hours, Tornado Alley experienced the worst tornado outbreak in history (148 of them!!). One small town, Xenia, Ohio, was almost erased from the map by an F5, the strongest tornado ever clocked.

As interesting as that is on its own merits, it’s not the reason for this blog entry. The voice-over narrator for the show sounded extremely familiar, but it took me a minute or two to figure out who it was… His name is Jim Forbes. Don’t worry… I didn’t know the name either. But anyone who’s ever watched VH-1’s “Behind the Music” will recognize Forbes’ distinctive voice. And that was the voice that was describing the terrible results of these killer tornadoes. Throughout the whole rest of the show, I was half-expecting him to describe the bass player’s descent into drug addiction and depression, instead of the devastation resulting from Mother Nature’s fury. The disconnect between my expectations and reality was a little strange.

Usually is. ;-)