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Saw Cloverfield last night… I liked it a lot, although I think lots of people probably won’t.

It’s like Godzilla + Alien + The Blair Witch Project. And it’s that last part that’s going to be a problem for a lot of people. The movie is about a giant monster attack on New York City, but it’s shot entirely from the point of view of the people on the street via a hand-held video camera, with all the shakiness and lack of focus that entails.


Knowledgeable fans might want to stay for one of those “You’re still here?” moments at the end of the credits, when a garbled radio transmission can be heard. Unfortunately, it was so garbled that no one in the theater could understand it.

In this interview, director Matt Reeves discusses the movie including the secret message at the end, although he won’t divulge what exactly it is.


After a little Googling, I found someone who claims to have recorded the audio and reversed it, resulting in the following message…

So, what do you think?