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Sunday Sites – has been on my list of (almost) daily blog reading for quite a while now.

It satisfies my technology jones, but also manages to spill over into other areas of life, the universe, and everything. From their About page…

What does the word “lifehacker” mean?

Here a “hack” is a clever shortcut or a lesser-known, faster way to get something done. A hacker believes that information-sharing is a powerful positive good, and that it is a hacker’s duty to share her expertise—so we will. The “life” part comes in because while the hacks you’ll find here will focus mostly on technology—like how to automatically back up your hard drive, they’ll also extend to things like how to re-purpose a shoe-holder to organize your gadgets or build an air conditioner for under 30 bucks.

Lots of interesting stuff to be found here.

In fact sometimes the sheer amount of information published each day can be overwhelming, so Lifehacker even provides a detailed explanation of how to subscribe only to the topic(s) that interest you. If you’re like me, that might include Windows downloads and tips, but not Apple or Linux so much.

Check it out.