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I learned a new non-word today…

That word is: clbuttic.

Found this today on The Daily WTF (i.e. “Worse Than Failure” – a site for geeks to post “strange but true” programming stories)…

The Clbuttic Mistake

Browsing through a web archive of some old computer club conversations, I ran across this sentence:

“Apple made the clbuttic mistake of forcing out their visionary – I mean, look at what NeXT has been up to!”

Hmm. “clbuttic”.

Google “clbuttic” – thousands of hits!

There’s someone who call his car ‘clbuttic’.

There are “Clbuttic Steam Engine” message boards.

Webster’s dictionary – no help.

Hmm. What can this be?

HINT: People who make buttumptions about their regex scripts, will be embarbutted when they repeat this mbuttive mistake.

Took me a while to figure out just what “clbuttic” means, but I finally did.

Read more for the answer…
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