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The Great Quake of ’08 (Updated)

West Salem EarthquakeAt 4:37 AM local time last night, a 5.2 earthquake struck near West Salem, Illinois, which is approximately 150 miles away from Springfield.

According to local news reports (and my coworkers), the quake rattled houses and knocked items off shelves and bookcases, but there were no local damage or injuries.

Of course, I slept through it all.

So far, I’ve survived the Godless Tornadoes of ’06 and the Great Quake of ’08…

I think Springfield is due for a hurricane in 2010. Or maybe locusts.

More quake coverage…

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UPDATE 10:20 AM… We just felt a strong aftershock, which has been reported as magnitude 4.6. I work on the sixth floor of a building that was constructed sometime in the 1930s (I think), and our building shook noticeably for five or six seconds.

Hmm, why is it that I have the sudden urge to take the rest of the day off? ;-)